Meet Our valuable team

The Group Management Team supports the Group CEO in the preparation of strategic issues, handling of significant and operative matters as well as ensuring internal communications. The management team handles, in particular, the company's strategy, budget, major procurement and projects, group structure and organization as well as major policies of administration and human resources policies.

Thabo Theledi

Group C.E.O

I am Thabo Theledi

I oversee operations of Kgorang Group's key business divisions; and formulate policies and planning recommendations to the Board. I am also responsible for making strategic plans, setting business objectives and for evaluating the profitability of the various plans formulated by different divisions.

Tricia Modipane

Kgorang Waste Management Division Manager

I am Tricia Modipane

My role involves the day to day operations of the waste management division; developing and implementing procedures for disposing of hazardous or contaminated materials in accordance with governmental regulations. I also oversee design and implementation of waste disposal systems, train staff in the safe and proper handling of waste materials.

Timothy Mahlangu

Kgorang Security Services Division Manager

I am Timothy Mahlangu

My role provides shift or program supervision to security staff. I also plan and supervise operational, programmatic, and administrative functions. I am also responsible for supervising and managing the Security Personnel and look after the administration, welfare and man-management of the Security Unit.