Better Services Provided By Us


  • Apartment Security. Industrial Security. Construction Site. Plant Security
  • Commercial Security. Shopping Malls/Plazas. High-rise security
  • Special Event Security .Personal Protection .Government Buildings

Detailed scope of our security function
  • Access Control to the premises.
  • Searching goods or vehicles.
  • Any property to be taken out of the client premises should be with letter of authorization issued and signed by the person authorized to do so.
  • Any vehicle to leave the premises the driver should have trip authority or letter that authorize the vehicle or letter that authorize the vehicle to go which is signed by the authorized person in charge.
  • Patrolling of your premises.
  • Issue and /or receipt of keys.
  • Locking or unlocking of doors or gates.
  • Exercise of supervision over the services at all times or shall be represented.
  • Safekeeping of client property.
  • To respond on unauthorized entrance to the premises of the client.
  • To take actions when possible on any safe hazard in the premises.
  • Pedestrian register books.

Waste Management

Kgorang Waste Management provides an eclectic mix of services that include:

Waste Minimisation

Integrated waste management services based on the waste minimisation hierarchy

  • Waste Prevention Systems
  • Waste Reduction Practices
  • Reclamation for Recycling
  • Treatment options, as and where appropriate, and
  • Proper Disposal of waste at designated and sanitary disposal sites
Emergency Preparedness and Rehabilitation Services, such as:
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Spillage Control
  • Contaminated land rehabilitation
  • Spill Control and Clean-up
  • Duel Diligence and Waste Management Advice
Intermittent Services, such as:
  • Waste Management Service provision at Public Events
  • New Products & Innovation
  • Building Rubble Removal